Ride With Valor

Their Battle Continues

How we began...

Ride with Valor is a 501(c)3 public charity founded in 2018 by a US Army Veteran, Russell Scot Rhoda. After being injured on duty as a firefighter and forced into an early retirement, his life changed forever.

Returning home, he witnessed select Veterans receiving an outpouring of support from their own communities. This led him to question why all eras of Veterans weren’t treated the same way. He pledged to help ALL Veterans and their families in any manner possible.

Ride with Valor was founded to help Veterans find solutions to keep their homes habitable and accessible. After numerous home modification projects, RWV decided to branch out into tackling Veteran Homelessness—an epidemic flooding our towns. Banding together with businesses, friends, and neighbors, we’ve created the Hearth & Home Project to offer housing solutions for our Veterans in need. We’ve been chipping away at Veteran homelessness at a steady pace with the ultimate goal of making Ohio the first state in the union to eliminate this problem.

The community support for Ride with Valor is astounding. We continue to feel inspired by the time, love, and support offered to help improve the lives of Veterans and their families. Every day gives us the opportunity to make a difference to at least one Veteran, which is a reward unto itself.