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The need is unending, and always a veteran to help. Some previous cases  include: home repair issues such as leaking roofs and broken

furnaces, have modified dozens of homes to make them ADA-compliant to keep veterans out of nursing homes, We have secured donations of furniture and working appliances for Veterans living in empty homes.  We have even begun to renovate decrepit housing into updated and modern homes to help tackle Veteran homelessness.  

Hearth &  Home

This is our flagship program, dedicated to providing Veterans with a safe home of their own. Working in conjunction the Land Bank, we use local contractors and volunteers to remodel unkept housing and make it a home. We then select a homeless Veteran to reside in the home—however, this is not a handout. The program requires the Veteran to enroll in programming designed to get them back on their feet. RWV will  help them by providing resources to help them with issues such as their finances, health, or credit. For five years, the Veteran will pay rent on the home—which can be subsidized through Section Eight. After the five years, the Veteran will have the opportunity to purchase the home at 50% of the appraised value.  Unlike other homeless geared programs, we help furnish apartments with necessities, such as furniture and basic needs. Providing these Veterans with not just a roof over their head, but the dignity of having their own safe space to live. “Hearth and Home” also  help Veterans with major or minor home repairs that are limited income or connect them to reliable resources and workers to keep homes safe and livable.

Aging in Place

Our Aging population of Veterans who have built their lives and love their homes. We help them keep the cost of care down by retrofitting their homes to places of care from wheelchair ramps, accessible modifications, or needed medical equipment. We keep them in their home and out of high cost skilled facilities or nursing homes. Letting them Age in Place with a support network improves quality of life and overall health, knowing we are there for them.

Victory Garden

Food insecurity threatens many of our Veterans. To help combat this, Ride with Valor partners with the our community partners to pass out parcels of food for Veterans in need. For holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, we also make it a priority to deliver turkeys, hams, and holiday meals for Veterans both at home and in shelters. We are also in the process of creating an apple orchard. Working in tandem with homeless shelters, this orchard will help keep Veterans in fresh produce–a difficult feat for them to accomplish alone due to costs.

Wings of Valor

One of the major obstacles for a Veteran obtaining the help that they need is transportation. Public transportation does not often reach out to where the people need it most. Our handicap accessible van allows us to help these Veterans get back and forth to their crucial appointments, free of cost to the Veteran. If you have any questions about any of these programs or are interested in volunteering for any of these programs, please contact us.


Ride with Valor serves Northeast Ohio Veterans and their spouses. 



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